Education and training

One of the things that makes IRT Nanoelec unique is its educational and training programs. These programs are helping strengthen ties between Grenoble Institute of Technology’s engineering programs and Grenoble Ecole de Management’s business programs—and the results for businesses are tangible.

The fact that IRT Nanoelec’s slate of partners includes institutions of higher learning has also generated opportunities for educators and IRT Nanoelec’s partners from the business world to meet and interact. Which means that our partner businesses can enroll in educational and training programs developed specifically with their real-world needs in mind, from technical courses addressing the ICT industries to innovation management and entrepreneurship. The new Master’s in Big Data, future courses based on research carried out under the IRT Nanoelec PULSE* program, and a new training course on using the large instruments for characterization are just a few examples.

Finally, a large proportion of IRT Nanoelec educational and training programs are designed to develop the technological competencies required to meet the needs of the growing nanoelectronics and connected objects industries.

vignette programme formation

> Education and training program objectives

  • Raise awareness about nanoelectronics
  • Boost enrollments and raise the overall level of qualifications in new technologies
  • Focus on three priority markets
  • Ensure graduate employability and provide graduates with career placement opportunities and support


Five projects are currently being rolled out in support of these objectives :

Project 1: Developing the education and training program environment and support services
Project 2: Designing and implementing innovative technology programs
Project 3: Designing and implementing innovative business/management programs
Project 4: Developing technology labs
Project 5: Developing a New Educational/Training Programs lab


Learn more about nanoelectronics:

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