Le projet Activage dans la presse

L’initiative « Activage » est repris dans la presse spécialisée Retrouvez les articles en suivant les liens: http://www.hospimedia.fr/actualite/articles/20170905-recherche-le-projet-activage-lancera-ses-premiers-tests) http://www.eurasante.com/silver-economie/recherche-le-projet-activage-pour-une-silver-economie-2-0 ... Lire la suite »

Leti Sigma Fusion solution for Autonomous Vehicles Embedded in Aurix Platform of Infineon

Grenoble, France – June 19th, 2017 – Leti, a research institute of CEA Tech, today announced that Leti’s embedded sensor fusion solution, SigmaFusion, has been embedded in Infineon Technologies’ AURIXTM TC29x platform. This platform enables automotive developers to control powertrain, body, safety and ADAS applications with one single microcontroller family. SigmaFusion is Leti’s low-power, sensor-fusion… Lire la suite » ... Lire la suite »

Photonic modules for data centers

The continuous increase of worldwide Internet traffic has lead to the development of mega data centers to manage the huge amount of information to be stored, processed, and routed. This has resulted in the mass adoption of optoelectronic devices at every level of the global network. This is particularly true in the aforementioned data centers,… Lire la suite » ... Lire la suite »

PLAT4M Matures Three Silicon Photonic Platforms

PLAT4M Matures Three Silicon Photonic Platforms Accelerates Commercialization of Technology by Linking the Silicon Photonic Ecosystem GRENOBLE, France – July 13th, 2017 – Leti today announced that the European FP7 project PLAT4M has now been completed with results that exceeded expectations. Si photonics has long been expected to bring substantial breakthroughs in very high speed… Lire la suite » ... Lire la suite »

Lancement du projet Européen ACTIVAGE

Sélectionné par la Commission Européenne, ACTIVAGE a pour objectif de construire le premier écosystème européen entièrement intégré afin de déployer des lieux de vie intelligents pour le « bien vieillir ». ... Lire la suite »

IRT Nanoelec and CMP Announce World’s First Multi-Project Wafer Service with Silicon Photonics on 310nm SOI Platform

IRT Nanoelec, an R&D consortium focused on information and communication technologies (ICT) using micro and nanoelectronics, and CMP, Circuits Multi-Projets®, a service organization in ICs and MEMS prototyping and low volume production, today announced the IC industry’s first multi-project wafer (MPW) process for fabricating silicon-photonics devices on a 310nm silicon on insulator (SOI) platform. The… Lire la suite » ... Lire la suite »

Leti develops 3D network-on-chip to improve high-performance computing

Leti researchers, working in the frame of IRT Nanoelec, boosted computing power and slashed energy consumption by stacking chips on top of each other in a single enclosure, or by placing the chips side by side on a silicon interposer. The chips, which have progressed from demonstrator to fabrication-ready, exchange data via a new communications… Lire la suite » ... Lire la suite »

Co-intégration directe d’un laser et d’un modulateur sur un circuit photonique sur silicium

GRENOBLE, France – March 18, 2016 – IRT Nanoelec, an R&D consortium focused on information and communication technologies (ICT) using micro- and nanoelectronics, today announced the first co-integration of a III-V/silicon laser and silicon Mach Zehnder modulator demonstrating 25 Gbps transmission on a single channel. This transmission rate usually is achieved using an external source,… Lire la suite » ... Lire la suite »

EV Group Joins IRT Nanoelec 3D Integration Program

EV Group (EVG), an industry-leading supplier of wafer-bonding, lithography/nanoimprint lithography (NIL), metrology, photoresist coating, cleaning and inspection equipment, today announced its participation in the 3D integration consortium of IRT Nanoelec, which is headed by CEA-Leti. EVG joins Leti, STMicroelectronics and Mentor Graphics to develop advanced 3D wafer-to-wafer bonding technologies. SET also joined recently the consortium. ... Lire la suite »