Characterization on large instruments

Large scientific instruments offer unrivalled performance when it comes to the advanced characterization of micro and nanoelectronic objects. Until now, these powerful instruments have been available only to academic researchers.

Industrial R&D engineers and technicians often do not possess sufficient knowledge of physics, sample preparation techniques, or scientific methodology to effectively use this kind of equipment. And, because the large instruments are generally publicly-funded, the results of experiments conducted using them must be published—a requirement incompatible with the confidentiality of industrial R&D projects. Finally, industrial R&D must respond to much shorter deadlines (with results within one to four weeks) than academic research.

Vignette caracterisation

> Characterization program objectives

This program aims to give micro and nanoelectronics R&D access to the powerful characterization capabilities of Grenoble’s large scientific instruments (the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility and Institut Laue-Langevin) by:

  • Developing sample preparation and characterization processes for a series of real-life cases provided by IRT Nanoelec partners (from industry and research).
  • Setting up the corresponding sample preparation facilities and validating them through actual use on real-life cases selected in conjunction with IRT Nanoelec partners.



Learn more about the Nanocharacterization Platform (PFNC): PFNC Fact Sheet




> Founding Partners 

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