Platform for Advanced Characterisation – Grenoble (PAC-G)

Large scientific instruments offer unrivalled performance when it comes to the advanced characterization of micro and nanoelectronic objects. Until now, these powerful instruments have been available only to academic researchers.

Platform for Advanced Characterisation Grenoble (PAC-G) offers advanced characterisation services dedicated to micro and nanoelectronics innovation, set up within the framework of the Nanoelec Technological Research Institute, with funding for future investments (reference ANR-10-AIRT-05). The partners of the Nanoelec characterisation program are the European neutron source ILL, the ESRF European synchrotron, the CEA-Leti, the Laboratory of Subatomic Physics and Cosmology (CNRS-UGA), the STMicroelectronics companies, SOITEC and Schneider.

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Characterization program objectives

This program aims to give micro and nanoelectronics R&D access to the powerful characterization capabilities of Grenoble’s large scientific instruments (the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility and Institut Laue-Langevin) by:

  • Developing sample preparation and characterization processes for a series of real-life cases provided by IRT Nanoelec partners (from industry and research).
  • Setting up the corresponding sample preparation facilities and validating them through actual use on real-life cases selected in conjunction with IRT Nanoelec partners.








Main techniques

  • Synchrotron X-Ray diffraction
  • Fast and thermal neutrons
  • Non-destructive 2D/3D imaging
  • Reflectivity


Advanced Instrumentation

Worldwide expertise






Physical Characterisation

  • Interface inspections
  • Bulk material
  • Wafer analysis

Reliability and failure analysis

  • Non-destructive 2D/3D imaging
  • Radiation Hardness testing


Tailored support by expert

 Some of the shelf services:



Synchrotron X-rays Topography

Radiation Hardness testing

Non-destructive 2D/3D imaging


PAC-G offers an easy, quick and competitive access to the European neutron source (ILL), the European Synchrotron source (ESRF) and to the CNRS/LPSC accelerator, with possible support from the Platform for nanocharacterization of the CEA-Leti.

Industrial Partners






Learn more about the Nanocharacterization Platform (PFNC): PFNC Fact Sheet







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