The three-question interview with: Alain Merle, Head of Strategic Marketing, Security, Leti

Cybersecurity the latest IRT Nanoelec research field Why is Cybersecurity important, and why now? Information technology is becoming pervasive, enabling more efficient management and new services in everything from industrial systems in the energy, transportation, and telecommunications sectors to systems closer to individual users in fields like home automation and health and wellness. Cybersecurity is… Lire la suite » ... Read more »

Benchmark report on open innovation programs and resources

IRT Nanoelec took part in a benchmark survey of open innovation programs—both national and international—that aimed to gather as much information as possible to complete an internal survey and determine the scope of the future IRT Nanoelec PULSE/Open Innovation Center (OIC) user-centered technological innovation platform. The survey also served to identify initiatives worldwide with which… Lire la suite » ... Read more »

Key figure: 15

The number of centers in Asia toured during the open innovation benchmark study. ... Read more »

Report from the 2016 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference, the leading annual event for professionals across the application design spectrum.

IRT Nanoelec presented its 3DNOC circuit, the second demonstrator chip to be produced under the IRT Nanoelec 3D Integration program, at the 2016 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference held in San Francisco from February 1–4, 2016. The event was attended by 2,900 people. IRT Nanoelec’s 3DNOC circuit is a logic-on-logic chip made up of a… Lire la suite » ... Read more »