Biomedical Engineering students launch startup

A group of students in the Biomedical Engineering program, which includes several courses developed at IRT Nanoelec, are exploring new developments based on the MagIA system. The MagIA project, backed by France’s National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and financed in large part by technology-transfer organization SATT Linksium Grenoble Alpes, is focusing on the development… Lire la suite » ... Read more »

IRT Nanoelec and driverless cars

Multi-sensory perception is one of the enabling technologies required for driverless cars. Inria and the CEA are exploring probabilistic anti-collision algorithms with the Perfect project, an IRT Nanoelec PULSE program initiative. The system, which is being tested on a Renault Zoé, is built on a “smart” box and embedded sensors—lots of them. The car is… Lire la suite » ... Read more »

Partnership agreement signed with the University of Toronto

The CEA, STMicroelectronics, and the University of Toronto signed a partnership agreement stemming from their involvement in IRT Nanoelec. The agreement covers the joint development of a 56 Gbaud PAM4 transceiver that will integrate electronic and photonic chips connected with copper micro-pillars. The planned R&D includes building a complete electronic chip with modulator driver, transimpedance… Lire la suite » ... Read more »

Agreement signed with tech-transfer organization SATT Linksium

SATT Linksium and IRT Nanoelec finalized their partnership agreement in 2016. The agreement is part of a broader partnership between France’s IRTs and SATTs at the national level. SATT Linksium is a tech-transfer organization set up to mature and transfer the technologies developed at its shareholder’s labs (Grenoble-Alpes University, Grenoble Institute of Technology, France’s National… Lire la suite » ... Read more »

Trust Chair inaugurated

More than 80 guests attended the Trust Chair inauguration ceremony at Esisar in Valence. The chair, which focuses on trust in complex systems, is backed by the Grenoble Institute of Technology Foundation and a consortium of industrial partners from a variety of industries (GRDF, Ingenico, Innovista Sensors, and SKF Aerospace). The Chair is affiliated with… Lire la suite » ... Read more »

Guest lecture at IEEE IEDM 2016 (International Electron Devices Meeting)

IEDM is the premier annual event for microelectronic devices. And IRT Nanoelec’s latest 3D integration research—on 3D-NoC performance—will be the subject of a guest paper at the “Circuit Device Interaction – 3D Systems, Enabling Technologies and Characterizations” session. The paper, New Perspectives for Multicore Architectures using Advanced Technologies, was co-authored by F. Clermidy, P. Vivier,… Lire la suite » ... Read more »

IRT Nanoelec conference addresses cybersecurity at IRT Nanoelec

IRT Nanoelec held the fourth conference in its conference series, this one addressing cybersecurity at IRT Nanoelec. The event brought in an impressive number of attendees. The speakers provided insights into the security issues affecting electronic components and systems. In his opening remarks, Bruno Charrat, Director of the IRT Nanoelec PULSE program, highlighted the importance… Lire la suite » ... Read more »

The three-question interview with: Eric Cheminot, CEO, Bag-Era

   – What business is your company in? Bag-Era is an IT engineering firm that focuses on digital transformation, operating security, and the synchronization of distributed and other complex systems. We also design and develop gateway solutions to connect and synchronize various hardware and software throughout the enterprise, either locally or via cloud-based services.   … Lire la suite » ... Read more »

Report on the Fourth IRT Forum

The Fourth IRT Forum was hosted by IRT SystemX at EDF Lab Paris-Saclay’s new facility in Palaiseau. Throughout the morning, some of France’s major research and innovation stakeholders took the stage in a series of presentations and panel talks, sharing their insights into the IRTs before an audience of 350 attendees. The event highlighted the… Lire la suite » ... Read more »

Report from Semicon Europa and IoT Planet

IRT Nanoelec attended the Semicon Europa and IoT Planet trade shows, which were held simultaneously in Grenoble on October 25–27, 2016. Leti’s booth at Semicon Europa featured seven themes, including one dedicated to IRT Nanoelec’s programs. The three-day event gave us an opportunity to showcase our 3D integration and silicon photonics programs.     Easytech,… Lire la suite » ... Read more »