Organisation de la semaine du RISC-V (RISC-V Week)

// Paris - Espace Van Gogh Maison de la RATP // 1 au 3 Octobre

The maturity level of RISC-V, a free and open RISC instruction set architecture (ISA), is raising up quickly, supported by numerous industrial offering, active academic research and several initiatives supporting the emerging open hardware ecosystem.

At the « Semaine RISC-V » you will enjoy tutorials, keynotes, series of short to-the-point presentations on advanced topics, and in-depth presentations on RISC-V-based solutions. You will get up-to-date results on RISC-V R&D, its impact on systems-on-a chip (SoC), critical embedded systems or cyber-physical systems (CPS) designs, and details on legal and strategic issues related to open source HW IP management. You will also discover recent results of research activities on software, hardware and system design that provide trends for future industrial solutions:


  • Micro-architecture research
  • RISC-V cores
  • RISC-V and low power designs
  • ISA extensions
  • Compilation and languages
  • Security
  • Open source HW
  • Open source design flow


The three days conference will be in Paris downtown. It will be a great opportunity to discuss new collaboration across industrial, academic and support organizations involved in this emerging and challenging ecosystem.

More information at:

Rendez-vous « Activage »

// Word Trade Center Grenoble // 5 Novembre 2019


L’IRT Nanoelec et ses partenaires (Département de l’Isère, pole de compétitivié Minalogic, Tasda, France Silver Eco) organisent un événement dans le cadre du projet Européen ACTIVAGE.

Un rendez-vous important pour faire un point d’avancement sur les projets, les offres et les services d’aujourd’hui et de demain.

Venez nombreux !

Evénement CARAC2019

// Campus EPN (EPN Science Campus) - 71 Avenue des Martyrs Grenoble // 28 et 29 Novembre 2019


CARAC is the event dedicated to materials characterisation for industry supported by the IRT Nanoelec and the European projects CalipsoPlus, NFFA and SINE2020. CARAC 2019 is a one and a half days event offering presentations of industrial cases, tutorials on advanced characterisation techniques and visits to laboratories and large-scale facilities based in Grenoble.

CARAC 2019 will take place at the European Photon and Neutron campus (EPN Science campus), 71 Avenue des Martyrs in Grenoble, France. Visits to the European Synchrotron (ESRF), to the European Neutron Source (ILL), the GENESIS platform at the LPSC, the Néel Institute and CMTC are also in the programme.

November 28th-29th of 2019

Plus d’information en suivant le lien:

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