4/06/2018 - L’IRT Nanoelec présent à l’événement IoT Week

L’IRT Nanoelec était présent à l’événement « IoT Week « pour représenter le projet ACTIVAGE lors du panel AIOTI.

ACTIVAGE is committed to build a community of stakeholders around the business of value services for the ageing society in Europe, starting from the 9 local ecosystem in the ACTIVAGE’s Deployment Sites regions and cities. AIOTI –WG5 and ACTIVAGE will join forces to enlarge this embryo ecosystem and for that purpose, they will call the participation and adherence of senior citizen, and organisations representing the demand and offering sides in the AHA domain.

In this third session dedicated to AHA-IoT, co-organisers will invite key persons representing relevant organisations from the demand side, other than ICT and IoT domains, to debate, from different perspectives, on the opportunities and best strategies, to found and growth the European AHA-IoT ecosystem.

Plus d’information sur: https://sites.grenadine.co/sites/iot/en/iot-week-2018/schedule/2712/Active+and+Healthy+Ageing+IoT+%28II%29++%28AIOTI+%E2%80%93+ACTIVAGE%29